5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Are you looking for Microsoft Edge browser Extensions? Then you are at the right place. You can get Microsoft Edge extensions here. The war between web browsers dates back as long as the internet itself! From the days of Netscape Navigator to the common buddy Google Chrome and finally the newly emerged Microsoft Edge and all that lies between. Users have always chosen on the basis of the look and feel of the browser as well as its performance. You must have your own reasons for picking your favorite and you might have your own reasons to detest the infamous internet explorer, but what we have learned from the immense popularity of Chrome and Firefox is the support for extensions and add-ons. But now, Microsoft Edge is emerging as a strong competitor to these champions and people are looking for Microsoft Edge Extensions.

Since it was unveiled with the Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has been a pretty solid browser with steady improvements. However, one thing it lacked for one whole year was its support for extensions. Even this changed with the Windows Anniversary Update. With this update, Edge got support for extensions as well, making it a leading choice among users of Windows 10. Although the extensions library for Microsoft Edge is nowhere close to that of Chrome and Firefox, it is growing gradually and has some pretty decent and nice hidden gems. Here, we discuss the best Microsoft Edge extensions. These are ones that you MUST TRY!

How to Install Microsoft Edge Extensions?

Very similar to the process of adding add-ons in Firefox or Chrome browser extensions, installing Microsoft Edge extensions is a simple process. But, finding them is quite a tricky job and so, we spell it out here for you. All you need to do is simply fire up Edge and click on the menu button. This is present on the top right corner of the menu bar. Here, you will find the ‘Extensions’ option if you have upgraded with the anniversary update. In case you are unable to see the option, you need to install the update.

best Microsoft edge extensions

The screen that shoots up will show all the installed extensions. There will be an additional option to ‘Get Extensions from Windows Store’. When you click on it, you will be directed to a dedicated space with extensions for Microsoft Edge. To install, all you need to do is click on the ‘free’ button next to it. Let installation be complete. Head back to the browser and you will find a prompt informing you about the installation of the extension. It will ask you whether you wish to enable it or not. Allow it to run and that’s it! In this way, you can easily get Microsoft Edge Extensions.

Best and Free Microsoft Edge Extensions

Here are the best Microsoft Edge extensions you should try on your machine right now. Using these Microsoft Edge extensions, you can improve your productivity by 50%.

  1. LastPass

Download Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

This Microsoft Edge extension is one of the best password managers available for Edge. It securely stores all your passwords. As long as you’re able to sign into LastPass with the master password, it automatically fills all your passwords on the respective web pages. Can life become more convenient? It is secure and free to use. No Doubt this is one of the best Microsoft Edge extension.

Download LastPass Microsoft Edge Extension

  1. Translator for Microsoft Edge

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

The most popular web browser these days, Google Chrome has the useful and convenient feature where it offers the facility to translate web pages given in foreign languages. The extension Translator for Microsoft Edge does the same thing for the Edge browser. Once you get this handy extension, an icon appears in the address bar. Clicking this icon will translate the complete page instantly to a language preferred by you, if you visit a page in a foreign language. You also have an option to select a portion of the text and get inline translations for the same. Over 50 languages are supported by the extension. This is very useful Microsoft Edge Extension.

Download Translator for Microsoft Edge Extension

  1. Mouse Gestures

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Wish to get various controls by using your mouse, within the Edge browser? This extension is a highly useful one! All you need to do is simply right click the mouse. You can then perform a certain gesture that will further perform a specified function. The gestures are also diverse and you get the basic ones as well. These include right click+ move left to go back to previous page, or complex gestures like opening a new tab by right click + right-to-top movement. Might seem too difficult but begin using them once, and you’ll become fond of them! This is one of the useful Microsoft Edge extension.

Download Mouse Gestures Microsoft Edge Extension

  1. Evernote/ OneNote Web Clipper

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

These are two distinct Microsoft Edge extensions but have a similar function. Hence, they’re bundled together here. OneNote is one of the most capable and popular tools for taking notes and personal management. You can take clippings of the web pages directly into your account. Also, the usual sharing and annotation can be done within the OneNote App.

Try Evernote Web Clipper if OneNote isn’t your cup of tea. It also has some additional goodies in store for you. It has a special format for LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon links. It is also a great substitute to your traditional bookmarks.

Download Evernote / OneNote Microsoft Edge Extension

  1. Office Online

Download Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Regardless of the fact whether you have Office installed or not, you get the power of Microsoft Office to your Microsoft Edge browser. You get an icon on the toolbar and are allowed access to MS Office files. These may be stored either in the local storage of device or OneDrive. It supports Excel, Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. You can directly edit and manipulate these in your web browser. Hence, working becomes more efficient. You don’t even have to jump between different apps! If you are looking to improve your productivity by using Microsoft Edge extensions, the office online is waiting for you.

Download Office Online Microsoft Edge Extension

You must take note that the extension is not a free alternative for Microsoft Office. You might not need installed Office on your device, but it is necessary to purchase a license for use.

Final Words – Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Let us know which Microsoft Edge extension is useful for you and also comment down if you know any other best Microsoft Edge extensions. We’ll update the list soon.

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