Microsoft Edge Browser New Features You Must Know Now [VIDEO]

Microsoft Edge, previously often well know with the name Project Spartan, is set to arrive along with windows 10 release this July. We realized in regards to the legacy applied sciences which might be being eliminated from the brand new edge browser, however what about Microsoft Edge Features coming with the release?

At the time of Microsoft part net Summit 2015, the Redmond presented Microsoft Edge and featured the Microsoft Edge Features along with windows 10 OS. As you will discover from the slide above, Microsoft part will get extension help, more Cortana eventualities, Object RTC, Pointer lock, and plenty of new app and platform facets after launch.

Microsoft Edge features

Primarily, these Microsoft Edge Features are already in progress and Microsoft plans to roll out more features or later.

For instance, Cortana is already integrated with Microsoft Edge, making possible to quickly ‘Ask Cortana‘ for a reply to your question. Microsoft is planning to add even more Microsoft Edge Features in coming days.

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All these updated will handle on server side. Here are some jaw dropping Microsoft Edge Features which will make you think about shifting some your present browser to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Features

Get some cool drinks and snacks, This video will play non-stop 1 hour. Get ready to get amazed.

These Microsoft Edge features seems very interesting right? Wait! are we missing some thing? yes, some features are removed from the Microsoft Edge browser which are present in Internet Explorer. They removed them for a reason as they are no longer useful to the reader. Do you think, they did the right thing by removing the from Microsoft Edge Features? Let us know from comments section.

Hope you like these Microsoft Edge Features and let us know if you still know any more interesting features about Microsoft Edge browser.

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