EdgeHTML 13, First Microsoft Edge Update

In the first week of November, a major update has been released to over 110 million Windows 10 users. This update already started rolling and hitting the Windows 10 devices depending on their update settings. This update brings a lot of improvements to Microsoft Edge browser as well.

Microsoft introduced EdgeHTML 13 in this update which makes Microsoft Edge browser perform well than before.

Here is our technical comparison of Google chrome and Microsoft Edge which may give you a better idea.

EdgeHTML 13

WhatsApp web is still not compatible with the EdgeHTML 13 and we hope for better news in coming days. People already started liking the Microsoft Edge Browser features and this update makes them love even more.

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New Features in Microsoft Edge Browser

The official announcement from Microsoft about the launch of EdgeHTML 13 shows the following major changes in the browser. Now Edge supports:


File APIs

User Input




  • Restored support for docking the F12 Developer Tools

Web Components

HTML5 Test on Microsoft Edge Browser

We performed HTML5 test and noticed improvements in 56 points in total. Now Microsoft Edge scores 458 points out of 555

Microsoft Edge HTML5 test

HTML5 test on Microsoft Edge

Later we did the same test on the latest version of Google chrome and it scores 521 points of same 555.

Google Chrome HTML 5 test

HTML5 test on Google Chrome

This says Edge browser is improving slowly. EdgeHTML 12 scores just 402 points and there is a good improvement of 56 points in EdgeHTML 13. Still it is 63 points behind the Google Chrome which may take a little time to balance it.

HTML5 test


Microsoft Edge slowly started giving competition to all other famous browsers. It’s time to make Microsoft Edge browser as default web browser in your machine. Let us know your view on Edge browser.

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