Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Which Browser is Lighter and Faster

Windows 10 is preloaded with new Microsoft Edge browser which is the replacement for the old Internet Explorer. Many people started making Microsoft Edge as the default browser because Edge is light weight and faster when compared to Google Chrome.

The only problem with Microsoft Edge is it can’t load many websites properly and still can’t support many CSS rules. Developers still need to code separately for Edge browser.

Keeping dev thing aside, Microsoft Edge drinks less RAM when compared to Google Chrome and opens web pages faster than normal. It is pre-loaded with editing tools to add, highlight, save web pages as images.

edge vs chrome

Coming to compatibility issues, Google Chrome wins the battle. The best example is WhatsApp Web. Microsoft Edge can’t open it.

Recently Mashable shared an article comparing Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and after many trails they concluded both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are few technical stats you should consider before concluding the winner.

Real World Speed Test

This test gives a clear idea how these browsers are loading the web pages. After opening on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, we cay say both of them are doing good. Chrome loads the site just 0.2 seconds faster than Microsoft Edge which is quite negligible.

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge

SunSpider JavaScript

SunSpider JavaScript also called as SS test is developed by Apple which is commonly used to test the web browsers. This test just checks the JavaScript of the website and leave the rest of code untouched.

Here is the result (Less is Better)

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge

V8 Benchmark Suite

Like Apple developed SunSpider to test JavaScript, Google developed this V8 Benchmark suite to test the performance of Google Chrome. Let’s see what happens when we apply the same test on Microsoft Edge. It is well-known fact that Google Chrome will get better stats in this test since it is developed by Google.

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge

Who is Winner? Chrome or Edge

Well, both have their own pros and cons. Still many people prefer Google Chrome, But it is highly recommended to use Microsoft Edge if you have a low configured PC or Laptop’s with less RAM. Let us know which browser you like and why.

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