5 Features Microsoft Edge is Missing that Everyone Need Badly

No browser is perfect and everyone need something more, This is why human wants are unlimited. But Microsoft Edge Browser failed to provide some limited internet user wants. Recently we compared Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome and it proves, Edge browser is boosting it’s capabilities very quickly, but still it need some more features to make the users shift to Microsoft Edge.

I have tried the edge browser for a month or so and I feel Edge is missing some essential features. I noticed few minor things that are present in Internet Explorer but not in the edge browser. If you’d like to try it, just download Microsoft edge browser now.

drawbacks of edge browser

Here are the list of few features the Microsoft Edge is missing which everyone need them at any cost. I personally feel they are really considerable drawbacks in the edge browser.


Smartphones are nothing with Applications and in the say way browsers are nothing with extensions. Only a few are comfortable with the inbuilt options and features. Many users need still more, for such people extensions are the right choice.

Chrome and Mozilla are famous for it’s millions of extensions. They even developed the store to download them easily.

Changing Download Location

This sounds really annoying. we can’t change the default location of downloads in the microsoft edge. Whereas in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox we can do it with ease. Hope Microsoft will come up with an option to change the default download location.

Easy Tab Closing

In Internet Explorer and other browsers, we can easily close the multiple tabs by placing the cursor at one point but the tabs layout is different in Edge browser, we can’t blindly click the mouse button to close all opened tabs. Although it prevents accidental closing of useful tabs but it may irritate if you are in a hurry to close unwanted tabs in a go.

Update: They added this feature in the last update of Windows 10.

Warning before Closing Multiple Tabs

If you accidental close the browser with multiple tabs open, it closes automatically without any warning. You need to open the browser again to restore the accidentally closed tabs. This might not work every time and also, a time wasting thing. Google Chrome also need this feature.

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