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Microsoft has been talking for months about its subsequent internet browser, codenamed project Spartan, nevertheless it’s most effective now given the product a reputation: Microsoft Edge.

In companies annual build conference held in San Francisco, Microsoft executives not best revealed the legit title, but additionally confirmed some new elements in the upcoming windows 10 browser Microsoft Edge.

Now we have as a result combed by way of the onslaught of expertise and laid out the pleasant bits beneath, with the intent of helping you realize what to expect.

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Microsoft has just announced a new web browser named Microsoft Edge. It replaced the Internet Explorer.

What is Microsoft Edge Browser?

Microsoft Edge is an upcoming web browser from Microsoft. It is meant to replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10 devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and hybrids, though it is currently in development. Microsoft Edge first debuted at an event in January under the codename Project Spartan.

Microsoft Edge will be the only browser supported on Windows 10 mobile devices, though Microsoft will make both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge available to other Windows 10 devices for backwards compatibility. Microsoft Edge will be a universal app, so you’ll be able to download and update it from the Store.

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To have your hands on Microsoft Edge web browser, you need to:

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Microsoft Edge Intro Video

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  1. All I wanted to do was download the Edge browser to my Windows Vista. Thanks for the link. Working

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  3. Finally it worked. Thanks for the trick

  4. please tell me the link for windows 7 and windows 8 and windows 8.1

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  8. How do I download Edge to Vista, where’s the link?

  9. Thanks for guiding me. It is working finally.

  10. i have tried for weeks now to download the Microsoft Edge and when i go to use it this comes up “hummm cant reach this page” what the heck happen to my ME it did work a month ago and then an update wiped it out guess i’ll stick with Chrome least it works

  11. I want to download Microsoft edge browser window 10 . thanks for help

  12. HEY MICROSOFT!!!!! What about us people running Windows XP? Is it true? Have you really just thrown us under the bus? You have stopped giving us security support, your website pretends like we dont exist, and we have no actual safe web browser except the old stuff that is getting less safe. It’s like Windows XP is the best thing to happen to Microsoft since Windows 95. Windows XP is better than 95, yet you still throw us under the bus. Please do us one more favor and make Microsoft Edge compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Like seriously. You say that Windows 10 is the last Windows OS created, so dont you want to share the love with your elderly OS? Seriously #ShareTheLove with #Windows

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